About Us

Thursday is an active culmination of 36 years experience in the internet marketing industry, expressed in a series of quality seminars, delivered monthly in a relaxed atmosphere.


Chris Price has 20 years experience in the industry and has been the director of Ark Advance for 13 years. Chris is somewhat of an online-marketing mogul and has been delivering talks, workshops and presentations on website promotion since ‘99. Amongst many other honourable things, Ark Advance is a GoogleAdWords certified partner, and when Chris’ knowledge is applied to the up-to-the-minute statistics from Google we are gifted with a powerful insight to the ways this industry is evolving, and what we can do to keep up.


Scott Bell, director of Brownpaperbag, has been in the industry for 16 years, and designing bespoke websites with his team for the past 8. Scott’s approach to website marketing is ‘out of the box’, without compromising quality and functionality that has served Brownpaperbag well in dealing with large companies and small to medium businesses. Scott has a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to digital marketing that might just give you some questions to take back to your web designer.


Both Scott and Chris know that ideas are best shared and received when everyone feels at ease. You’re probably familiar with the ‘let’s hide our sales pitch in the seminar’ game. We don’t play that here; You can rest assured that your $49 will get you a bunch of poignant and applicable information, delivered in a digestible fashion without that awkward pressure to invest in services. We love to know who’s out there shaping the industry with us, so when the seminars are done hang back, grab a drink and enjoy the like-minded company. 

Afterall, it’s nearly Friday.